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Communications Engineering

Teams of one or two people will describe a complex technical subject in layman's terms. The presentation includes the social and environmental impacts of the subject and the judgment is based on the overall presentation, verbal skills and understanding of the subject.

Katy Warren

Communications Director

Katy Warren eats a lot of soup. For real, whatever amount you think is "a lot," it's probably more than that.

She is also a third year electrical engineering student at Memorial University. She has completed two work terms, including the opportunity to contribute to coding the Canadian Coast Guard's new flight following system. Outside of school Katy is an avid improv trainer and performer, having improvised in 5 of our country's provinces. This includes being selected as a performer in the Next Act East Festival ensemble and teaching a workshop at the Canadian Improv Games national tournament in Ottawa.

Lastly, she's so excited to be a part of this year's CEC. Putting together the Communications competition is sure to be a real good time, and she can't wait to see you all there!

Consulting engineering

Teams of four must develop a solution to a real life engineering problem in less than six hours. The next day, each team will present their work to the judges. They must demonstrate economic and enviromental resourcefulness while presenting their solution.

Thomas Coates

Consulting Engineering Director

Thomas is in his final year of Mechanical Engineering at Memorial and after participating in AEC is looking forward to being involved with CEC. During his degree Thomas has had the opportunity to work in mining, natural gas and power generation and hopes to bring as much of this experience as possible to the competition. During what Thomas calls "free" time he is a Canada Games coach and an avid outdoorsman. During CEC he hopes to reciprocate the work put in by all the volunteers across the country at these competitions and give the competitors the frustrating task they've come to expect.

Extemporaneous Debate

Debate Teams consist of two members. Each team is presented with the challenge of presenting an analytical point of view of a resolution, which has not been disclosed. Teams are evaluated on the most compelling and profession argument during the debate.

Morgan Walsh

Debate Director

Innovative design

The majority of the innovative design competition occurs outside the Canadian Engineering Competition. Teams of one to four, choose a topic, prepare research and develop a concept. The designs must be new and help fill a gap in society. The subject will be assessed on their technical, social, environmental and economic impact.

Samantha Sheppard

Innovativve Design Director

Samantha is completing term 5 of Process Engineering at Memorial University and has completed two work terms in the city of St. John's. Her interests lie mainly in offshore exploration and reservoir engineering.

She is new to the CEC world but is grateful for the opportunity to serve as co director of the innovation portion of the completion. She's also excited to meet the competitors and wishes the best of luck to all!

Sara Penney

Innovative Design Director

Sara is in her third year of Process engineering at Memorial University. Her two completed work terms have been primarily focused on the oil and gas industry, the first in St. John’s was concentrated on research and development and the second was field based in the Canadian oil sands, in Alberta.

Sara is ecstatic to be one of the Co-Directors for the Innovative Design Competition at this year’s CEC. She cannot wait to meet all of the competitors, best of luck to everyone competing!

Junior design

The competition invites junior engineers to design and build a prototype to help solve a real world problem. Teams consist of four members who may be in their 1 st or 2 nd year of the Bachelor of Engineering program. Each team is given six hours to complete the task, after which the solution and the prototype are presented to the judges.

Masfiqur Anik

Junior Design Director

Anik is a third year Civil Engineering student at Memorial University. Throughout his engineering studies, he has been involved with over 20 local, national, and international organizations. Engineering work terms have given Anik exposure to Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining industry. Currently he is working part-time as a Resident Assistant and also serving the Students' Union as an elected Director-at-Large.

Besides engineering, Anik is a world traveller. He has travelled over 20 countries, speaks 4 languages and possess interests in Global economics and social entrepreneurship. Anik values innovative engineering solution that promises safety and sustainability. He is positive in making this world a better place through his Engineering education, work roles and community involvements.

He has been appointed as a Memorial Ambassador since 2013 and considers leading the junior design challenge team for CEC 2015 as a perfect opportunity for him to bring minds of many disciplines together in order to give life to a real-life engineering challenge.

Nicolai von Oppeln Bronikowski

Junior Design Director

Nicolai is a Term 5 Engineering Student, enrolled in a Bachelor of Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering at Memorial University. Nicolai has been involved in many interdisciplinary projects and is very practically oriented. Through his experiences and academic rigour Nicolai has established himself as the teams expert in academic and research based problems and activities. Nicolai is excited to play his part in creating the CEC Junior Design Challenge and help Memorial University to be a great host for the competitions.

Javier A. Valdés

Junior Design Director

Javier is a Guatemalan second year Mechanical Engineering student at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) with an interest in mechanical design and mechatronics. He is currently conducting two research projects at MUN for his first work term. Besides that, he has been involved with the MUN Robotics Club and Memorial Baja assisting with engineering design, and MUN Oxfam for whom he was a delegate at the 2014 National CHANGE Summit in Ottawa.

Javier is really excited to be a co-director for the CEC 2015 Junior Design Challenge and is looking forward to witnessing the competitors' creativity, intuition, and engineering knowledge.


Reengineering is the act of taking an existing concept engineering, product, technique or technology and improve incrementally its design to suit any situation or alternative application. In this competition, students will be required to implement the re-engineering process for a gadget or an existing mechanism to add new features or to improve the given element. The panel of judges will then evaluate the developed improvement.

Bradley Higdon

Reengineering Director

Bradley is in his final year mechanical engineering at MUN. This is my first year being involved with the CEC. I participated at the AEC in 2014, representing MUN for the senior design competition. Bradley has had one work term within the health sector and the rest within the oil and gas industry. He spends his spare time playing soccer and represents the International Soccer team at the St. John's provincial summer league at the intermediate age class. He is very excited about heading the re-engineering competition and looks forward to meeting a lot of bright minds from universities across Canada.

Senior Design

The competition invites senior engineering students to design and build a prototype to help solve a global problem. Teams are informed of a general theme a week before the competition to allow for preparation and final details are given on the day of the competition. Each team is given eight hours to develop a solution to the given problem.

Brandon Baker

Senior Design Director

Brandon is in his final semester of Mechanical Engineering at Memorial University. This is his first year being involved with organizing CEC however, Brandon did participate in the Senior Engineering Design Competition at AEC in 2014 and went on to compete in CEC where his team placed second. Brandon has had numerous work terms in the oil and gas industry and will be working with Suncor Energy as a Subsea Engineer upon graduation. In his spare time, Brandon plays senior hockey in the Central Newfoundland Hockey League and is an avid outdoorsman. Brandon is very excited to be organizing this competition after competing just this past year and looks forward to seeing the unique ideas of engineering students across the country.